Ceiling Drapery
Ceiling Drapery will add glamour and elegance to your venue, but that's not all.  A good draping design will positively transform the atmosphere of your site and enhance your theme.  It can help mask unsightly elements like poorly maintained ceilings and unfortunate ceiling fixtures.  It can help eliminate acoustic noise in rooms with a lot of hard surfaces like marble and glass. In rooms with very high ceilings, it creates a more warm and intimate atmosphere, bringing the perceived ceiling height down to a more comfortable scale. In spaces that are naturally beautiful, draping plays up the strong features of the room.

Our fabric is 45' long and 10' wide, white voile drapery sheer.  This fabric is the standard for quality ceiling draping.  It is flameproof rated, durable and versatile enough to create many different styles of drape design.  Ceiling drapes rent for $50.00 each.

How to hang ceiling drapes along a beam ceiling:

1. Observe the architectural elements of the hall or room that will be used for the party or reception. Does it have light fixtures or beams from which the ceiling drapes can be attached? Drop ceilings grids are metal and the drape can be hung using magnets. Are there exposed beams the fabric can be attached to? Visualize how you want the finished installation to look. Measure the distances to be draped.

2. Locate the center of one of the lengths of fabric. Gather the fabric in your hand and tie with cord, string or fishing line. Attach to the ceiling beam at the center of the room, allowing the fabric to drape and billow. Secure the drape to the wall or to the next beam.

3. Continue installing the ceiling drapes until the arrangement is symmetrical and pleasing to the eye. Space can be left open between the rows and filled with fairy lights or Japanese lanterns. Hang the lanterns or fairy lights with fishing line to give the illusion that they are floating in space.
*please see the paper lantern page for colors, sizes and hanging tips.

4.Install matching fabric at regular intervals along the wall and use chair sashes to give the illusion of columns. Attach a row of Japanese lanterns or fairy lights along the top of the wall where the ends of the ceiling drapes meet the columns.
*please see the sashes page for colors

How to hang ceiling drapes in a circular pattern:

1.Create the design for your ceiling drape. A simple and elegant plan is to drape the fabric from the corners of the room to a center chandelier. Measure the distance from each of the four corners of the room to the chandelier. Add 15 to 20 percent to the length of each measurement to allow for draping of the fabric. If you want to extend the drape to the floor, measure the height of the ceiling and add that to the length of each drape.

2. Attach a large embroidery hoop to the chandelier with fishing line. Position it so that the opening is parallel to the floor. Tie it in several places to secure it to the chandelier. Attach large cup hooks, or magnets to the ceiling or high on the wall in each corner of the room.

3. Open the embroidery hoop. Slide each length of fabric through the hoop in the center of the room.
Close the embroidery hoop.

4.Attach the fabric to the cup hook or magnet in one of the corners. Repeat with each of the lengths of fabric.

5.For a dramatic effect, weave strands of twinkling lights through the fabric drape. Purchase battery-powered lights to eliminate the need for electrical cords. Add paper lanterns and other embellishments to complete the look.
*please see the paper lantern page for colors, sizes and hanging tips.